Soft Launch

Soft Launch Participants:Ā 

ThankĀ you for participating in this importantĀ phase of our go-to-marketĀ strategy. We appreciate you and look forward to receiving your honest feedback as we prepare to officially launch Bow Ball.Ā 

Explore & Evaluate: Navigate the website, take note of your thoughts, and any areas that catch your attention.Ā 

Enjoy: If you would like to purchase something during Soft Launch please enjoy a 15%Ā discount on us.Ā At check out, please enter the special discount code included in the Soft Launch InvitationĀ you received via email. Code expires on 10/20/23.

Elevate Bow Ball: After exploring theĀ website, please access the survey link from the Soft Launch InvitationĀ email and complete survey before the survey close date listed in your invitation.Ā 

Thanks for helping us elevate Bow Ball's everyday best.

Happy day,

Molly and Ella