Bow Ball It™ Honors: Nomination Form

You're in the right spot to submit your nomination for a Bow Ball It Honor. Well done!

Please provide your contact information along with the following details in the comments section:
  • Nominee's full name
  • Nominee's Instagram and/or Facebook name / username (if you would like for us to tag them when we post) 
  • Location nominee resides [State only]
  • Nominee's relationship to you (e.g., coach, rower, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, teacher, competitor, etc.)
  • Describe nominee's involvement with the rowing community
  • Is or was the nominee involved with specific rowing club(s), teams, programs or organizations? If so, please share names of these groups
  • Share examples of how the nominee helps you and others elevate their everyday best
  • How do they bow ball it?
  • Please share anything else you believe we should know about why your nominee deserves a Bow Ball It Honor
We love this part of what we do. We are excited to learn more about who is making a difference in your world.

Happy day,

The Team at Bow Ball

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