Bow Ball Crew Fund

Rowing is expensive and Bow Ball wants to make it more accessible for everyone. Bow Ball helps booster clubs of crew teams with fundraising efforts to help cover coaches’ salaries, equipment costs, rack fees, regatta fees, insurance, and other operational expenses.

Bow Ball answers the call for teams that want to diversify their fundraising efforts and/or get out of the business of selling mulch, wrapping paper, or having rowers ask for donations at the local shopping center.

Elevating What Matters

We are passionate about getting more people in boats. The cost to row should not be a barrier - we are committed to closing that gap. Here's how the Bow Ball Crew Fund operates:

  • A booster club for a crew team applies for the Bow Ball Crew Fund
  • Bow Ball reviews each application and reaches out to the booster club to discuss the fund and learn more about the team
  • Upon acceptance, Bow Ball provides the booster club with a unique link and code for their team
  • Bow Ball offers resources and ongoing support to the booster club
  • When supporters use the designated link or code on Bow Ball's website, their purchases are tagged to support the booster club
  • Bow Ball donates a percentage of these sales to the booster club. This percentage is determined and shared with the booster club before the program launches
  • The booster club gains access to a dedicated dashboard, allowing them to monitor key analytics

The Bow Ball Crew Club Fund serves as a collaborative platform where teams and supporters come together to make sure everyone can get in a boat.

How To Apply

In your application, tell us about your crew team and how being selected for the Crew Team Fund by Bow Ball would benefit your team. Please include:

  • Information about the team
  • Needs of the team   
  • 501(c)(3) information   

Bow Ball reserves the right to make final selections for the Crew Fund by Bow Ball Fund.