At Bow Ball, we are firm believers in the transformative power of partnerships to foster positive change and enhance the fabric of society. That's why we've established the Elevated by Bow Ball Fund, committed to backing US-based nonprofits already making strides in improving the lives of individuals and communities.

As nonprofits navigate challenges such as evolving donor preferences and financial limitations, our fund stands ready to provide essential support. We are particularly interested in assisting small, community-based organizations dedicated to:

  • Making rowing more accessible
  • Mental Health and Wellness (children and young adults)
  • Hunger and Nutrition
  • Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Veterans

Elevating What Matters

We are passionate about assisting nonprofits in various capacities, including offering them a seamless way to generate funds in alignment with their missions, all while delivering value to their supporters. Here's how the Elevated by Bow Ball Fund operates:

  • Nonprofit applies for the Elevated by Bow Ball Fund 
  • Bow Ball reviews each application and reaches out to nonprofits sharing a common purpose to discuss the fund further and gain insights into the organization's mission.
  • Upon acceptance, Bow Ball provides the nonprofit with a unique link and code tailored to their cause.
  • Bow Ball offers resources and ongoing support to the nonprofit.
  • When supporters use the designated link or code on Bow Ball's website, their purchases are tagged to support the nonprofit.
  • Bow Ball donates a percentage of these sales to the nonprofit. This percentage is determined and shared with the nonprofit before the program launches.
  • The nonprofit gains access to a dedicated dashboard, allowing them to monitor key analytics.

The Elevated by Bow Ball Fund serves as a collaborative platform where nonprofits and supporters come together to drive positive change and make a meaningful difference.

How To Apply

In your application, tell us about your nonprofit and how being selected for the Elevated by Bow Ball Fund would benefit your mission. Please include:

  • Mission of the nonprofit
  • Who the nonprofit benefits
  • How nonprofit aligns with mission and values of Bow Ball   
  • 501(c)(3) information   

Bow Ball reserves the right to make final selections for the Elevated by Bow Ball Fund.