Bow Ball was inspired by the positive impact rowing is having on the life of a young rower - she is healthier, happier, and will row in college. She is committed to giving back to the communities that have given her so much. With help from her mom, the rower co-founded Bow Ball. Bow Ball designs and sells clothing, accessories, and home goods to elevate the everyday best of individuals and communities.


    The Bow Ball logo combines balanced oars and pineapple, symbolizing the rowing community's warm hospitality and its members' unwavering strength. The pineapple, a symbol of generous hospitality and warm welcome, also honors the rower's grandmother.

    We value strength, effort, and authenticity. We lead with kindness and a commitment to positively impact others and our sliver of the world.


    When you purchase from Bow Ball, you are supporting a small, female-owned business, the Ambassador program, 24+ Charitable Giving Programs, and Bow Ball It Honors. Our #bowballit moment is when we begin awarding rowers with college scholarships. That moment, our charitable efforts, gratitude, and our ability to positively impact individuals and communities drive us to #bowballit.

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Bow Ball It

To wholeheartedly dedicate oneself to a task, endeavor, or cause with unwavering commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication. #bowballit